Veronica® Aareff 800W FM Broadcasting Transmitter

Veronica® Aareff 800W FM Broadcasting Transmitter

Veronica® Aareff 800W FM Transmitter Amplifier

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Which Version Do You Need?

Stereo with Audio Processing and RDS.

This is the all singing and dancing version of the 800W transmitter. It is most ideal for stations that don't have good techs on site and just want something to plug in that does everything. This version is stereo, with audio processing built in and RDS, it has it all.

MPX only

This is lower cost because it is only designed for a raw MPX input. Don't think because it's low cost, it's for the beginners. On the contrary, it's intended for expert stations who understand MPX baseband that can and want to create the MPX with external processes. Any externally generated MPX signal needs to be in accordance with the recommendations of:

Transmitter Protection

The power output of this transmitter is 800W continuous day and night non stop 24/7. It has reflected power protection and it has over temperature protection. In the event of any of these protections being activated, the power will reduce to a safe level to prevent any damage. When the fault that triggered the protections clears, the power restores automatically back to full.

The 800W RF Amplification

The final output section of this transmitter is a 1KW amplifier, but we back it off to 800W to ensure super reliability. Due to this, the 800W produced will operate with ease at full power 24 hours a day non stop in any country and with any AC voltage in the world. The power can be adjusted to less than 800W if required. It can be set any where from between 10W and 800W.

Driver Section

On the underside of this unit controls are accessible to set the:

On the back panel of this unit:

Everything You Need

As ever, we have tried to make installation and power up as easy as possible. For the Stereo with Audio Processing and RDS version all you need is a quality mixer (and great radio presenters). Just connect the output of the mixer directly the gold plated RCA inputs on the back panel of the driver. Connect the transmitter 800W output to a suitable 50 ohm antenna that can handle 800W. Thats it!! switch on, if you don't see any reflected power on the front panel, you are broadcasting serious power and serious distance.

Setting The Frequency

We will set the transmitter to your chosen frequency in our workshops prior to despatch and also make a final test at full power for 24 hours. You can set the frequency anywhere between 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz later if you wish by simply changing the dip switches on the underside of the driver panel.


The transmitter will work with any 50 ohm antenna rated at 800W or higher. Suitable antennas that we sell for this unit are:

Our 2KW EIRP and 4KW EIRP include this transmitter packaged in with coaxial cable and a suitable antennas. These full systems are engineered to comply with the EU standards and regulations for licensed broadcasting and most other countries regulations in the world.

Over Engineered

To guarantee reliability in worlds most harshest conditions we have over engineered the output amplifier stage in this transmitter. The RF output is provided by an NXP BLF188XR, this are a 1KW device and are extremely robust. We back them off to 800W so there is a 20% safety power headroom just in case the transmitter is subjected to abnormal conditions. This will ensure the transmitter functions day and night 24-7 every week, every year.


We build all our transmitters to comply with the major international standards. European ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety, the relevant FCC sections of US 47 CFR Part 73 for verification and ITU-R BS.450-3 (11/01) FM Broadcasting at VHF.

Two Year Warranty

Dust, damp and salty air is the biggest transmitter serial killer. Keep your transmitter free or clear of these things and it will last a very long time, way longer than our 2 year warranty. But just to give you peace of mind, if it fails within two years, we will fix it or replace it for free, see warranty conditions.

Passion in Design

With years of experience we know how transmitters, in general fail. We have over the years spent hours and hours, not just through the working day, but long nights too, to come up with viable solutions to keep transmitters running in even the most adverse conditions. The 800W amplifier used in this transmitter was no exception. We have tried to think of every reasonable way it would fail and within design attempted to provide counter measures of prevention.

We are not resellers or dealer, we make this product in our workshops. If you have any technical questions, we welcome them.

What's In The Box

1 Transmitter Driver 1W Stereo With Audio Processing and RDS
1 800W FM Power Amplifier
1 IEC AC power cord
1 BNC to BNC 50 ohm Cable
1 MPX audio lead
1 15V Driver Power Supply

Technical Data

(All stated measurements were made at 220VAC at 27 Degrees Celsius ambient temperature unless stated) Click here for the user manuals: Driver and Amplifier

RF Technical Specifications

Audio Input Sensitivity +4 dBu for +/- 75 KHz dev.
Freq Stability +/- 1 KHz max. typ. +/-300 Hz
Deviation Sensitivity Stability +/-2 % max
Freq Fine Adj > +/- 1000 Hz
Pre-emphasis (50 uS/ 75 uS/ None) Selectable
Audio Input Connector Phono/ RCA type unbalanced sockets
Power Output 10-800 Watts into 50 ohms
Freq Range 87.5 to 108 MHz in 100 KHz steps
Spurious Emissions Less than -75 dB rel to carrier
Harmonic Emissions Less than -70 dB rel to carrier
Out of Lock RF Muting Less than -70 dB rel to carrier
Residual AM Less than 1 %
Synchronous AM Less than 0.5 %
Max Deviation +/-75 KHz
Max RF Bandwidth +/- 100KHz (200 KHz total) at -40dB rel to carrier
RF Ruggedness Any VSWR phase or length of time
Output Connector N type
Operating Temp -20 to +40 Deg C

AF Technical Specifications

Version MPX Stereo and Audio Processor
Signal To Noise Ratio80dB 65dB
Frequency Response 30Hz-76KHz 30Hz-15KHz
Audio Distortion 0.2% THD Max0.2% THD Max (at MPX section)
Stereo Pilot Tone None 19KHz +/-0.2Hz +/-7.5 KHz Dev.
RDS Carrier None 57KHz +/-0.6Hz +/-3.25 KHz Dev.

AC Technical Specification

Model Power Supplies RSP-1500-48/ SPS-025-15/ GE12I15-P1J
Input Power 1150W Max. for 800W RF OUT with RF SWR less than 1.5
Power Factor 0.95/230VAC 0.98/115VAC at full load
Working Humidity 20 ~ 90% RH non-condensing
Safety Standards UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1 Approved
EMC Conduction & RadiationCompliance to EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B
EMC Harmonic Current Compliance to EN61000-3-2,-3
EMC Immunity Compliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11; ENV50204, Light industry level, criteria A