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Aareff Conditional Warranty

Technical consultation is always available by emailing us at info@aareff.com. Please send a clear description of the problem and with photos and video if you think it will help us advice and resolve it. We will not use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other party messaging applications for this. TECHNICAL CONSULTATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE BY EMAIL.

This warranty is NOT void for owners who attempt to make repairs providing the following conditions are met:

  1. the fault in the defective goods is not within the above conditions;
  2. the repair work or action is localised to the original fault and does not create additional faults through incompetence beyond the original fault (for example, stripping the whole unit down and then sending it back to us in pieces expecting it to be rebuilt is not acceptable);

The parts and any workmanship commissioned or manufactured by Aareff is guaranteed for a period of 5 years against defects, providing the goods:

  1. in the case of kits, are constructed and soldered properly in accordance with the user manual and instructions;
  2. are installed in accordance with the supplied user manual and instructions;
  3. are not subject to exterior environmental conditions, in particular snow, ice, sand and salty air, that will damage the equipment;
  4. are not subject to use that is beyond normal/reasonable wear and tear;
  5. are not powered with an unsuitable power supply, power source or battery with voltage levels beyond the design specifications;
  6. in the case of amplifiers, are not driven with excessive RF levels beyond the design specifications;
  7. in the case of transmitters are not operated with an unsuitable antennas or RF loads that cause damage to the output transistors and power regulators;
  8. are not damaged from excessive over heating due to inadequate ventilation;

Qualifying goods will be repaired or, at our option, replaced providing the goods are returned to Aareff;

  1. within a 5 year period.
  2. carriage paid and suitably packaged.
  3. with the signed Commercial/Shipping Invoice (you obtain this from the link below) attached to outside of the package in a transparent sleeve.

Instructions for returning goods to Aareff are at https://www.aareff.com/en/returns/

The Commercial/Shipping Invoice is very important and it prevents import charges being made to Aareff on returned goods. Under no circumstances will any returned goods requiring payment of import charges be accepted by Aareff.


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