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D&R Airlab-DT. Bring Premier Class To Your Studio

D&R Airlab-DT. Bring Premier Class To Your Studio Main Image

Airlab-DT Radio Console

16 Module Positions *
Modern D-rop T-hrough design
Program and Sub Bus
Ideal for Production and ON-AIR use
Bi Directional Cue Communication Bus
All Channels Stop/Start Remote Relays
Two ON-AIR Light Relays.
Control Signals by USB (HID prot.)
Software Metering Included
Console Settings Saved to ChipCard

* Choose from EQ, USB, AES, TELCO, VoIP and Control Module

Operational simplicity with complicated features is no easy task, but D&R firmly believe that with the AIRLAB DT they have hit the sweet spot

Inc. Delivery to UNITED STATES

US$ 6776
1 Years! Warranty

D&R Airlab-DT. Bring Premier Class To Your Studio View From Above

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Mic inputsBal 2kΩ XLR
Phantom 48 volt
Noise-122 dBr (A-weighted)
Sensitivity-80dB min OdB max
Insert-10dBv in/out
Line inputsUnbal 10kΩ
GainRange of 40dB
Telco XLR10kΩ bal. 0dBu
Left/Right+6 bal XLR
Sub out+6 bal
Monitor/Aux+6dBu unbal
Tape out+6dBv unbal

D&R Airlab-DT. Bring Premier Class To Your Studio View From Front

USB Playout Option

One the most undersold features of this console is it's ability to connect directly to USB inputs of transmitters, codecs, subsequent sound cards etc. as an alternative to using the analogue output. The Airlab-DT can connect directly to our USB equipped transmitters.

Personalised Console Settings

Each radio presenter always has preferred settings on a console and it’s no fun trying to set the controls to your desired levels when the guy who was on before you twiddled everything and messed it. D&Rs personalised chip card gets completely around this issue. Each presenter can now store their settings when they leave and restore them when they arrive, everybody’s happy

Modular Design

The AIRLAB DT is truly modular, it is basically a metal frame and each fader with the controls above the fader are called input modules and these can be lifted in and out separately. Each frame can hold 16 input modules which can be digital AES/EBUs, USB, Telcos or a Control Module. You can customise the inputs as you wish. The one featured in this page has 8 standard audio, 4 USB audio and 2 Telco input modules.

D&R Airlab-DT. Bring Premier Class To Your Studio View From Back

Studio Centre Piece

This is the true centre piece of any spectacular studio and to date D&R have sold and shipped over 900 of the AIRLAB DT not just because they look amazing, but because they perform even better than amazing.

Master Module Output

This has three main sections, the first module is for the tape send controls if you want to record directly from the console. The second is for the Sub output and the Aux output signals. The bottom third module is for the controlling the studio monitors, volume level etc. to the guests and to the presenter. Also an external feed from an on-air radio receiver can be connected and selected. This allows the presenters, during live programs, to actually listen to themselves on the radio, rather than the direct output of the console. If the transmitter was to go down, they would be the first to know.

Balanced Outputs XLR

Most of the output connectors are XLR with electronically balanced outputs, transformer balancing is available as an option.

Any AC Voltage

The Airmate will work on any voltage in any part of the world, 110, 115, 120, 220, 230 or 240 at 50 or 60Hz. The power consumption is super low, to put it in perspective, it's much less than a domestic television. The Airmate complies with all the worlds safety and EMC standards and is CE marked accordingly with a declaration of conformity.


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