The Original and Genuine 1W PLL Veronica® FM Transmitter

Aareff Veronica 1W PLL FM Transmitter Driver Exciter Version 10 front view

Technical Specification

Version 9 Improvements

1. Additional low pass output filtering, this is to make absolutely sure the RF output socket produces a close to pure signal, the harmonics are close to -70dB or better this allows the output to be directly connected to an antenna without any further filtering.

2. Double sided higher quality printed circuit board, this increases the RF ground plane which in turn makes the very stable VFO even more stable, the result of this is less phase noise and jitter which gives better baseband signal to noise ratio. This only is possible due to the Veronica PLL have a large printed circuit board. Basically more copper, more ground, more stability. The additional ground has also improved the EMC performance making sure it can easily pass the EMC tests for CE marking when fitted inside an enclosure.

3. Change from solder pins to terminal type plain screw driver connectors for all input and outputs, this was at the request of engineers that work in the middle of deserts and other similar places where service due to soldering is difficult, now the 1W PLL can be installed or removed by only using a small electrical screwdriver. The indication LEDs are now together in what we call the front edge of the board. They can be taken out and there are additional holes on the board to fit more terminal type connectors allowing LED's to be extended on wires to the front panel of an enclosure.

Fully Compatible With Stereo and RDS Coders

You can use our stereo coder with Veronica 1W PLL FM transmitter or you can use coders or software packages from other manufacturers. We sometimes use of that generates the MPX and RDS. If you are a software developer and would like to try your products with us, please contact us. We offer our Veronica 1W PLL and stereo coder at a package price above in the price panel

Wide Band PLL Synthesizer

This PLL synthesizer is specially optimised for high quality wide band FM with selectable pre-emphasis. CD's and other audio sources are reproduced with the finest of clarity. Setting up the unit is made easy using the built in LED's that indicate power output and lock conditions.

Professional Class

The Aareff / Veronica PLL is known throughout the world as professional class equipment at excellent value for money. Thousands of stations throughout the world now use Aareff / Veronica products for high quality broadcasting.

20 Years of the Veronica PLL

The Veronica 1W FM PLL is now on version 9. This model has got all the features of the previous models and more, all without vitually no increase in price. Customers who have purchased from us over the last 20 years know that radio is our passion and we do everything and anything to make sure we give you a product that is excellent in quality, high specification to meet the standards of regulators across the world and the lowest price we can possibly achieve.

World Best Selling FM PLL

This PLL FM transmitter is still one of the best selling sub-assemblies for broadcast engineers wishing to construct, assemble and experiment with their own designs. The dual varicap arrangement provides very low audio and phase distortion with excellent frequency response from low bass frequencies right through to 76 KHz making it highly compatible for RDS coders. If that's not enough the noise level is almost immeasurable at more than -80dBu, this is achieved by using a lightly loaded high stability half frequency push-pull Hartley oscillator for generating the RF signal. The output of the Hartley oscillator is configured as a frequency doubler using a push-push arrangement, filtered and amplified by two high stability amplifiers to 1 watt..

Veronica PLL History

The Veronica 1W PLL FM transmitter was first marketed in 1996. In early 1998 the PLL 2 was released and then in January 2000 the PLL 3 'Easy-Tune™'.Without any amplifier tuning the PLL 3 produced a flat 1W output from 87 to 109 MHz and greater reliability with an improved cooler running broadband RF output amplifier using a 1.8W RF output device. In 2007 the PLL6 was released, this included the addition of a fine frequency adjustment to the reference crystal and dual varicaps for more linear modulation and better Deviation Sensitivity Stability as defined in ETS 300 384 (EU Spec.), this should be less than 3% from 0 to +40 Deg C, the PLL6 was better than 2% from -20 to +40 Deg C. This ensures that the deviation will stay almost constant whether you are in Siberia or Africa. On to 2009 and the PLL8 was born, this had the addition of a power control, an even higher rated output device (SD1127, capable of over 4W), and better than -60dB RF out of lock muting

The PLL sub-assembly is still compatible for repairing or re conditioning any Aareff / Veronica transmitter made since 1997. Virtually all the parts for the 1W PLL are readily available all over the world should you ever need spares. The PLL circuitry is 100% hardware controlled and will never suffer from software bugs or processor crashes. The ICs are the standard 74HCT... series and CMOS 4000 series.