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FM Antenna with Strong Magnetic Mount

FM Antenna with Strong Magnetic Mount Main Image


87 to 108MHz Operation
300W Maximum Power Handling
Works with 250W 12V DC Transmitter
Works with 100W 12V DC Transmitter
Between +1 to +2dBi Gain
Very Strong 13cm Dia. Magnet
130 km/h (80 mph) Wind Handling
SWR 1.5 With Two Interchangeable Rods
Available with PL259 or Male N type
Strong 5mm Dia. Stainless Steel Rods
Magnet Enclosed With Rubber Boot
5mt of RG58 A/U Cable

Inc. Delivery to UNITED STATES

US$ 144.05
5 Years! Warranty

FM Antenna with Strong Magnetic Mount View From Above

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The antenna comes in just three pieces. The magnetic base and 5mt of cable with the PL259/N male connecter are one piece and then there are two tuning rods. The long one covers the frequency range 87 to 98 MHz and the short covers the frequency range 98 to 108 MHz. We label these according so you cannot mix them up.

Frequency 87 to 108MHz
Bandwidth +/- 5MHz with two radiators
Power HandlingUp To 300W
Gain (To Horizon)+1 to +2 dBi
SWR 1.5 or less with two radiators
Wind Loading At least 130km/h (80mph)

FM Antenna with Strong Magnetic Mount View From Front

Intended Use

We have been selling this antennas for years to regular customers in the United Arab Emirates that use them for mobile broadcasting and live commentary of camel racing. Other use can include temporary mobile set up for broadcasting when a tower is out of action or in times or national emergency or a disaster. The antenna is very quick to deploy, it can be as easy as parking up a van or car in the highest place available, placing the magnetic base in the centre of the roof and connecting any one of our transmitters from 100mW to 250W..


This is the easy part. Just put the 13cm dia. magnetic base in the middle of the the vehicle roof. Pick the stainless steel rod for your frequency, the long one is for 87 to 98 and the short one is for 98 to 108. The silver coloured part on the magnetic base has a little screw on the side. Using a small electrical screwdriver loosen the screw, then drop the frequency rod you have picked into the hole, make sure it goes right to the bottom. Then tighten up the small screw which will secure the rod in place.

FM Antenna with Strong Magnetic Mount View From Back

SWR and Reflected Power

With two separate stainless steel rods we are able to cover the entire band form 88 to 108 with an SWR of 1.5 or less. It's important that magnetic base is put in the centre of the vehicle roof and not at one side. In the centre it approximates close to 1/4 wave ground plane. It will work if it is off to one side of the roof, but there will be a slight rise in SWR and reflected power.

Gain +1dBi to 2dBi

The real gain of a portable 1/4 wave antenna is extremely difficult to measure, but our antenna modelling and practical field tests put the gain at between +1dBi and +2dBi to the horizon. The gain is a little higher on the main lobes, but these point up into the sky at an angle and are of no use to most operators. The radiation pattern and gain can be seen in the first picture.

Power Handling

The antenna can handle up to 300W, this is simply because it is a direct connection to the stainless steel radiating rod, there are no could or capacitors for tuning. the only limiting factor for the power is the RG58 A/U cable. At 300W or using our 250W transmitter, we recommend at this power level the vehicle should be tall, like a big van, be in a remote area, away from any people. If people can get close, at this power level the area within 30mt of the antenna should be cordoned off to prevent them doing so. We can give you more advice on this is you need it.


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