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Company Overview

Manufacture, design, test, consultation and sales of FM transmitters, FM transmitter systems for radio broadcasting, antennas and associated products. Originally known as Veronica.

Our Vision and Mission

To provide high quality FM transmitter systems that meet international standards operating 24 hours a day at a price all radio stations in all places of the world can afford.

Transmission Distance

How far do you want your FM transmitter to broadcast, 1km or 100Km?. "What is the range?" this is the most popular question we get asked. If you want real answers to this fundamental question, we can give you them. Just email or phone our team now, we have the answers for you.

Worldwide Service

We ship our transmitters virtually everywhere in the world. We have offices and phone numbers in the United States, United Kingdom and Dominican Republic. If you speak Spanish, no problem we are fluent speakers. If you want to buy a transmitter or advice, call us.

See Our Customer Photos

See real situations using our FM transmitter packages. We especially like Chuuk V6BBC 88.5 in the south pacific who use the 3200W ERP FM transmitter package with a range of over 100 miles to the neighbouring island. If you have any station photos, pleeeease! email them to us.

Extreme Temperature

-20C to +40C is tested and guaranteed with our transmitters, not only a few hours at these extreme limits, but months and years of continuous 24/7 operation. Our transmitters will stayed powered permanently. The antarctic or the equator, our transmitters will keep going.

Facebook Page

For interesting new developments, new designs and service information about our products. Go to our Facebook page, click on 'Like', then you will be sent via your Facebook page all the latest info, photos etc. as it happens.

Our FM Transmitter Systems

All the pieces of equipment you need are included, FM transmitter, coders, amplifiers, cables, antennas, connectors and leads. We have tried to think of everything you will need when you unpack in the Sahara desert and there are no hardware shops nearby.

Engineering Support

In the times you need it, maybe after lightning strike your transmitter is damaged or similar, we advise by email with attached photographs what you need to do to get your station back up and running. Our transmitters are designed to be easy to fix in the field with basic tools.

We are proud to have supplied

Transmitter packages to the BBC, US Army (Delta Company), British Armed Forces, NATO in Afghanistan, UNESCO, Saab, Daimler/Chrysler and the thousands of low budget radio stations across the world that are equally important to us as the big players.

Antenna Systems

We believe our 5/8 antenna is the best value for money antenna you will buy for your transmitter anywhere in the world. It has it all, fantastic RF gain, physical strength and durability, high power handling, operation in any climate, and easy installation.

Aareff Systems

Since 1996 are a brand name namely for the reliability, simplicity, quality and high specification for legal broadcasting, all achieved for such a low price. Customers from every corner of the globe use our transmitter systems from commercial to military applications.