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About Our Company! Aareff Systems

Company Overview

Manufacture, design, test, consultation and sales of FM broadcasting equipment and systems for radio broadcasting. Originally known as Veronica FM and Veronica Kits from 1996. Known as Aareff Systems from 2004 to present.

Our Vision and Mission

To provide high quality FM broadcasting equipment and systems that meet international standards operating 24 hours a day at a price all radio stations in all places of the world can afford.

Worldwide Delivery and Service

We ship our broadcasting equipment virtually everywhere in the world. We have offices and phone numbers in the United States, United Kingdom and Dominican Republic. If you speak Spanish, no problem we are fluent speakers. If you want to buy any broadcasting equipment or advice, just talk to us.

Engineering Support

the times you need it, maybe after lightning strike your equipment is damaged or similar, we advise by email with attached photographs what you need to do to get your station back up and running. Our broadcasting equipment is designed to be easy to fix in the field with basic tools.

Elite Customers

Since 1996 some of the big name purchasing our equipment and systems are the BBC, US Army (Delta Company), British Armed Forces, NATO in Afghanistan, UNESCO, Saab, and Daimler/Chrysler. This makes us feel very proud, but let's not forget we would never have got this far without the business from thousands of low budget radio stations across the world that are equally important to us as the big players.

Antenna and Transmitters

We are one of the few broadcast companies that make transmitters AND antennas. Most of our competitors do one of the other, not both. The advantage here for us and you the customer is that we can guarantee absolute computability between these items when they are delivered to you resulting in a hassle free, fast and efficient installation.


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