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Modern D&R Airlite MK2 Mixer for Self-Op Production D.J.

Modern D&R Airlite MK2 Mixer for Self-Op Production D.J. Main Image
Modern D&R Airlite MK2 Mixer for Self-Op Production D.J. Overview

Built in auto Silence detector

It is an intelligent mixer with an internal USB control section that speeds up daily use and includes a built in Silence Detector.

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Airlite-usb MK2 Broadcast Mixer (airlite-usb)
US$ 2030
1 Years! Warranty

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4 USB in/out stereo channels and built in VOIP functionality

4 in/out channels of stereo USB and 3 very low noise Mic inputs. The AIRLITE accepts and instantly controls a maximum of 4 in/out stereo channels from your Play-out software.

It is a reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. with built in Telephone VOIP functionality.

Drop through design

It is built into a metal, heavy duty RF shielded, powder coated chassis, designed with elegantly rounded corners. Easily “drops” into your furniture to give that exciting and contemporary radio look.

A strong powder coated front panel with reliable controls gives you access to a flawless performance.

  • Play out USB control section included
  • AES 3 digital program output optional
  • Various GPIO options are software programmable
  • CRM, Announcer and Phone outputs
  • Bi directional Cue communication bus
  • Incoming phone calls visible on screen
  • Clean feed output for external Hybrid
  • Internal NON-STOP switching integrated

Eight dual inputs

The AIRLITE mixer is designed as an 8 channel ON-AIR/Production mixer with all features you need to make professional radio productions.

Ideal for Production, Voice tracking and ON-AIR

The AIRLITE, ideal for ON-AIR, Production and perfect for streaming to the web.

Any AC Voltage

The airlite-usb will work on any voltage in any part of the world, 110, 115, 120, 220, 230 or 240 at 50 or 60Hz. The power consumption is super low, to put it in perspective, it's much less than a domestic television. The webstation-usb complies with all the worlds safety and EMC standards and is CE marked accordingly with a declaration of conformity.

Mic inputsBal 2kΩ XLR
Phantom 48 volt
Noise128 dBr (A-weighted)
Sensitivity-70dB min OdB max
Left/Right+0 bal XLR
Monitor/Aux + 6dBu unbal on cinch
Headphone16-200 Ohm Jack
Announcer 400-600 Ohm Jack
USB out Main program stereo signal or SUB


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