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100W Professional FM Broadcast Power Amplifier

100W Professional FM Broadcast Amplifier. Overview
5 Years! Warranty

Inc. Delivery to UNITED STATES

100 watts is the most popular power level for broadcasters and regulators across the globe. With the right antenna you can cover up to 45km (30 miles). Since the late 90s we have have sold these everywhere for many functions, not just broadcasting. Some countries still use some frequencies on the broadcast band for signaling and things like that. What is common to all customers is that we ship these and never hear anything from them again, unless of course they want to buy another.

100W Professional FM Broadcast Power Amplifier. Wide View

AMPLIFIER 90-260V AC 100W FM 19 INCH 2U RACK MOUNT (100wntap)
US$ 1050

1 Watt Drive (can be more on request!)

All our amplifiers use a standard input of 1W. This means for 1W of drive power this amplifier will produce 100W of RF output 24/7 whilst maintaining international technical standards.

Should you need a different input power level, there is no issue, as we can readily accommodate your request. Simply send us an email or message us using the box below.

Temperature Resilience

It doesn't even get hot, well, maybe a little, this is because it's got two strong fans on the rear of the unit which keep the internal temperature at very low levels, even when the ambient temperature is up at 40C. So basically these will work anywhere on the planet. The circuit design is over engineered using a 150W MRF151 device, this ensures extremely reliable safe operating levels for the amplifier. Careful design of the RF output stage matching provides very efficient DC to RF conversion allowing the amp to run very cool in hottest climates 24/7. The super silent version has much larger internal heatsinks with very slow and gentle fans than make less noise than a whisper. You can see the video demonstration of this below.

VSWR Resilience

When there is a significant difference between the power being sent to the antenna and the power being reflected back, which can cause damage to the unit, antenna, and cables, the device will reduce the power to a safe level on its own. Once the issue is resolved, the unit will instantly restore full power. The front panel includes both forward and reflected power meters, which allow you to monitor the antenna's status continuously.

Super Silent ADDED Option

What is SUPER SILENT? it means it's as quiet as a mouse and can use it in a live mic studio without background noise. The video demonstrates the 100 watt transmitter, but it is exactly the same for the 30 and 50 watt units.

If you want SUPER SILENT option, MAKE SURE YOU ADD IT AS AN OPTION in the price panel below.

SUPER SILENT means less 20dBA, this is comparable to a low level whisper in a studio, the chances are other equipment, air con or studio ventilation is higher in volume.

Super Silent Transmitter YouTube Banner Image

US$ 89.07

High Stability

Our transmitters and amplifiers maintain their power and spectrum purity consistently, even if there is a VSWR mismatch, temperature fluctuation, or incorrect supply voltages. These devices are designed to perform reliably in challenging environments while still meeting the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards without fail.

Global Voltage Compatibility

This product's AC version is truly versatile and can be used with any AC outlet globally, accommodating a voltage range between 90 to 260V and at 50 or 60Hz.

12V and 48V DC Option

The regular version of this unit is 90 to 260V AC. However we can also manufacture it for 12V or 48V DC. To the best of our knowledge, in the entire world, Only We Make 12V DC FM Broadcasting Transmitters and Amplifiers up to RF Power Outputs of 250W.

Applications include mobile setups where only a car or vehicle battery is available. We have a perfect Magnetic Mount FM Antenna for mobile setups. Also fixed installations with connection to solar battery systems of 12V and 48V DC

We default ship the AC version. If you want the 12 or 48V DC version, it's important you notify us by email when you make your order.

12V DC 100W FM Transmitter


The model will work with our 50 ohm antennas listed below:

Vertical 5/8 Wave
2 Way Stacked Dipole
4 Way Stacked Dipole
8 Way Stacked Dipole
Circular Dipole
Folded Dipole

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This amplifier complies with EMC, Voltage Safety and RTTE Harmonised Standards laid down by the European Union. It's CE marked with a Declaration of Conformity. More information HERE

All stated measurements were made at 220VAC at 27 Degrees Celsius ambient temperature unless stated.

User Manual Click Here
RF Power Output Adj. 100 Watts into 50 ohms
Power Input 900 to 1400mW (1.4W MAX.)
Spurious Emissions Less than -75 dB ref to carrier
Harmonic Emissions Less than -70 dB ref to carrier
Freq Range 87.5 to 108 MHz
Residual AM Less than 0.5 %
Synchronous AM Less than 0.5 %
RF Ruggedness Any VSWR phase for length of time
Output Connector N-Female
Input Connector BNC
Operating Temp -20 to +40 Deg C
AC Input Voltage 90-264 V AC 47-63 Hz
AC Input Power 190W Continuous for 100W RF OUT with RF SWR less than 1.5
Working Humidity 20-90% RH non-condensing
Safety Standards UL60950-1 TUV EN60950-1 BSMI CNS14336 CCC GB4943 J60950-1 approved
EMC Emission Compliance to EN55022 class B EN61000-3-2 3 FCC PART 15 / CISPR22 class B CNS13438 class B GB17625.1
EMC Immunity Compliance to EN61000-4-2 3 4 5 6 8 11 light industry level criteria A


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