5/8 Wave 2KW Vertical High Gain FM Broadcasting Antenna

5-8-fm-transmitter-antenna-aareff 5-8-fm-transmitter-antenna-aareff 5-8-fm-transmitter-antenna-aareff 5-8-fm-transmitter-antenna-aareff 5-8-fm-transmitter-antenna-aareff 5-8-fm-transmitter-antenna-aareff

Technical Specification

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Antenna Gain (Isotropic) +4.8 dBi
Frequency Range87 - 109 MHz
Bandwidth+/-2 MHz for SWR of 1.5 SWR 1.1 Max at tuned frequency
ConstructionAluminium and Teflon
RF ConnectorsN type, SO239 or 7-16
Impedance 50 ohm (1.1 SWR) unbalanced input
Polarisation Vertical
Maximum RF Power1kW or 2kW
Weight of Antenna2 Kg
Wind Speed Handling 90 MPH Minimum

Worldwide Compatible

We have equipment in all the following countries and more, Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Zambia, Yemen, Rep South Africa, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Niger, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Peru and Grenada. We design our transmitters to be worldwide compatible operating on 90 to 260VAC

The Best On The Market

We have customers that purchased our 5/8 antenna in the early days, later switched and spent much more money on other antennas hoping to get better performance, but were sadly disappointed by inflated gain figures to the horizon and they returned to our 5/8 antenna to restore their performance. Other customers have had frequent problems with Comet CFM-95SL tuning resulting in poor SWR and poor performance.

Aareff 5/8 FM Transmitter Antenna Dimensions

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Long Life and High Reliability

We designed the 5/8 antenna in 1996 and since then we have sold more than 1000 of them worldwide. We can count the number of returns on less fingers than you have on one hand. This really is a high performance antenna in every form. Fantastic RF gain, physical strength and durability, high power handling, operation in any climate, and easy installation. We have customers that are still using this antenna after 15 years of little or no maintenance. It is precisely tuned to the operating frequency of your choice and provides your transmitter with a perfect match and a gain of around 4.8dB, increasing your effective radiated power by about 2.8 times.

Low TV Interference

With correct mounting the RF field strength directly below this antenna is much lower than a dipole. The truly unbalanced input prevents any RF currents traveling down the outer of the feeder cable. This combined with the low field strength below the antenna and tight bandwidth reduces the chance's of audio, TV and other interference considerably and maximises RF power to the horizon.

Radiation Pattern

Below is the radiation pattern for our 5/8 antenna showing a cross section of the signal between the antenna and the horizon at 0 and 180 degrees. Looking down from above at the 0 degree point the radiation pattern is perfectly circular.

Very Low Loss Teflon Insulators

The antenna is constructed from aluminum with Teflon very low loss insulators. Coaxial line losses can be considerable at 88-108MHz. For long runs use a good quality cable such as LMR400 or equivalent for connecting the antenna to the transmitter. Total length 2 metres.

Aareff 5/8 High Gain FM Transmitter Antenna