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FM Transmitter Technical Information

PLL Lock Codes

This link takes you to a page listing all the PLL lock codes for our current PLL transmitters. There is also a brief passage which tells you how to change the frequency with these codes on your transmitter.

Range Guide

This is the signal range guide. Signal range is not easy to predict, but here we have tried to give you a brief explanation on power and the range that it's possible to achieve using FM transmitters.

Understanding SWR

SWR is always a hot topic to try and figure out. SWR is complicated as it involves power going forwards and backwards and varying phase angles. Here we try to explain.

Calculating ERP and EIRP

Sometimes it's necessary to calculate exactly ERP, EIRP or dBW for a licence application or maybe your just curious how it works. Our online calculator can help you with this.

Online SWR Calculator

All our transmitters above 30 watts have a front panel meter showing Forward and Reflected power. Using the following tool you can convert these readings to an SWR figure.


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