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50W Professional FM Broadcast Power Amplifier

50W Professional FM Broadcast Amplifier. Overview
5 Years! Warranty

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50W Professional FM Broadcast Power Amplifier. Wide View

US$ 863.54

1 Watt Drive (can be more on request!)

Our amplifiers have a uniform input requirement of 1W. In other words, when driven with 1W of power, this amplifier is capable of producing 50W of RF output continuously, while still adhering to global technical regulations.

If you require a different input power level, no problem, we can do that easily. Just email or message us in the box below for more details.

Temperature Resilience

The power output of this model is 1kW continuous day and night non stop 24/7. It has reflected power protection and it has over temperature protection. In the event of any of these protections being activated, the power will reduce to a safe level to prevent any damage. When the fault that triggered the protections clears, the power restores automatically back to full.

VSWR Resilience

Under severe load mismatch conditions (poor SWR, Return Loss) the unit automatically folds back the power to a safe level to protect itself, the antenna and cables from damage. When the load becomes again, full power restores automatically and instantly. The front panel has a forward and reflected power meter, so you can monitor the state of your antenna all the time.

High Stability

All our transmitters and amplifiers remain stable in power and spectrum purity regardless of VSWR mismatch, over temperature, incorrect supply voltages etc. They will work in hostile climates and still remain within the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards at all times.

Global Voltage Compatibility

All AC version of this product is truly globally compatible, you can plug it into any AC outlet in the world from 90 to 260V at 50 or 60Hz


The model will work with our 50 ohm antennas listed below:

Vertical 5/8 Wave
Single Tuned Dipole
2 Way Stacked Dipole
4 Way Stacked Dipole
8 Way Stacked Dipole
Circular Dipole
Folded Dipole

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This amplifier complies with EMC, Voltage Safety and RTTE Harmonised Standards laid down by the European Union. It's CE marked with a Declaration of Conformity. More information HERE

All stated measurements were made at 220VAC at 27 Degrees Celsius ambient temperature unless stated.

User Manual Click Here
RF Power Output Adj. 50 Watts into 50 ohms
Power Input 900 to 1400mW (1.4W MAX.)
Spurious Emissions Less than -75 dB ref to carrier
Harmonic Emissions Less than -70 dB ref to carrier
Freq Range 87.5 to 108 MHz
Residual AM Less than 0.5 %
Synchronous AM Less than 0.5 %
RF Ruggedness Any VSWR phase for length of time
Output Connector DIN-716
Input Connector BNC
Operating Temp -20 to +40 Deg C
AC Input Voltage 90-264 V AC 47-63 Hz
AC Input Power 90W Continuous for 50W RF OUT with RF SWR less than 1.5
Working Humidity 20-90% RH non-condensing
Safety Standards UL60950-1 TUV EN60950-1 BSMI CNS14336 CCC GB4943 J60950-1 approved
EMC Emission Compliance to EN55022 class B EN61000-3-2 3 FCC PART 15 / CISPR22 class B CNS13438 class B GB17625.1
EMC Immunity Compliance to EN61000-4-2 3 4 5 6 8 11 light industry level criteria A


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