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Peoples 104.1 FM is a private radio station located at Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria broadcasting across the state at 50KW EIRP in stereo with RDS. Click here to listen and for more info.

Delta Company

Delta Company in Iraq

The famous Delta Company use our 1 watt driver and 30 watt power amp combination in Iraq for broadcasting entertainment to the troops. Sgt Kraft of Delta Company had the following to say:

Paul Hollings with Aareff Transmission Systems has gone above and beyond what expected when it comes to customer service. Dealing with Paul and Aareff has been a pleasure, he personally took the time to go over and plan a system to suite my needs. With the help of Aareff and its products i am able to bring moral to fellow troops in my unit as well as other fellow coalition soldiers. On behalf of Delta company 1-168 INF we thank you for all you have contributed, I personally look forward to doing any future business with Aareff.

Danan Radio 94.0

Danan Radio 94.0

Danan Radio 94.0

The above are studio photos of The Danan Broadcasting Network (http://www.danannews.com) based in Mogadishu providing a network of news and information for the citizens of Somalia. These people do an incredible job in the most difficult circumstances. Danan Radio use two of our 3200W ERP systems broadcasting on 94.0 MHz with a range of up to 100km on each transmitter.

Music Radio 107.5

Music Radio 107.5 recently upgraded to our 200W amplifier and had the following kind words:

Your products perform well. I also had a Veronica 100W TX that performed well for almost 5 years....but, unfortunately, my antenna took a direct hit by lightning and it came in through the coax and burned it out. I've since put a much better grounding system on my coax which I hope will help with those kind of problems. But...when lightning decides to hit....it's difficult to completely tame it. My 30W I use as a back-up and I've had it for 8 years now. Prior to that I had a Veronica 12W which I sold to another broadcaster when I purchased the 30W.

Your products certainly perform well and consistently for a good long time.

I appreciate having a company I can depend on for superior service as well as great products!.

Voice Of Africa Radio

Voice of Africa Radio finally won its bid for a 5 year permanent FM licence in London on the 16th of February 2006, after six years of campaigning, making it the first and only Ofcom legally licenced African radio station in the UK. Voice Of Africa Radio use Veronica / Aareff equipment. Voice Of Africa Radio official site

Radio 88 Sweden

Radio 88 Sweden

Laser FM is a small 1 watt hospital radio in Sweden. The studio is rather simple, but sounds great and cost under 1400 Euros. It consists of two computers, a mixer and a double cd player from Numark, two microphones from JJ-labs, and a software compressor. The photos also show volunteers of the hospital installing an Aareff 1W PLL transmitter, Stereo Coder and a 5/8 antenna on the 12 floor hospital building. Laser FM promo

Chuuk V6BBC 88.5 FM

Chuuk V6BBC 88.5 FM

Chuuk V6BBC 88.5 FM is a community station based in Chuuk a small island in the south pacific. The photo from the plane shows the main island and capital Weno under the wing. The station is near the middle of the Chuuk Lagoon. V6BBC 88.5 FM broadcast to the whole island using an Aareff Audio Limiter, 1 Watt Driver, 100 Watt Power Amplifier and a Stacked Dipole Antenna.

BCB Bradford

BCB are a Ofcom licensed community radio station located in Bradford, England. They have been using our equipment 24 hours a day since the year 2002. Their transmitter is installed at the national TV and radio mast at Idle Bradford and is RF combined into the same antenna with the other independent local radio stations. The whole installation was tested by the UK regulator Ofcom.

tropical reggae breeze

Tropical reggae breeze radio are using our equipment at present, they are located in the Turks and Cacos Islands. Listen live at www.tropicalreggaebreeze.com

Trust radio fm Spain

The DJs from Trust radio

Trust radio are using our equipment and have been for the last two years. Trust radio are using one of our 1600 Watt ERP packages.

On behalf of Trust fm I would like to thank you for your excellent service. Our transmitter is being used 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and it performs perfectly, We will be doing a lot more business with you. Regards, Bobby Martin, Station owner.

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