Veronica® Aareff 100W FM Broadcasting Transmitter

Veronica Aareff 100W FM Broadcasting Transmitter 1
Veronica Aareff 100W FM Broadcasting Transmitter 2
Veronica Aareff 100W FM Broadcasting Transmitter 3
Veronica Aareff 100W FM Broadcasting Transmitter 4

Technical Specification

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Frequency 87.5 to 108 MHz
RF Power Output from 1 to 100W
Spurious Emissions less than -75 dB rtc.
Frequency Stability +/- 1 KHz max, typ. +/-300Hz
SWR Ruggedness any mismatch and phase angle
RF Output Connector SO239 or N Type
Audio Input Sensitivity 0.775 V rms for +/- 75 KHz
Signal To Noise Ratio 80 dBu
Freq. Resp. Stereo 0.5dB from 20 Hz to 15 KHz
Freq. Resp. MPX 0.5dB from 20 Hz to or 76 KHz
Pilot Tone Frequency 19.000 KHz (Quartz Ref)
Stereo Crosstalk 45 dB (Stereo Model)
Pre-emphasis (50uS/ 75uS/ None) User selectable
Audio Distortion less than 0.2 % THD
Audio Input Connectors Phono/ RCA type
Physical Dimensions 2U, 400 x 482.6 x 88.9 mm
Weight 8Kg

High Specification and Durable

As with all our transmitters, we like the simple looking exterior, inside is another story. The 100 Watt FM Transmitter has a very high specification and is more than a match in technical quality to any of the other professional FM transmitters on the market at much higher prices. By not including frills such as LCD displays and other gimmicks that don't improve the sound quality or reliability, we can make this transmitter at a price that is affordable. The previous model of 10 years endured countries of the world with the worst environments and the hottest climates and worked great, the new model 100W 19 inch transmitter is fantastic

High Stability VHF FM Generation

The actual RF signal is generated using our 1W PLL driver internally. This driver is built, designed and proven over many years as the most cost effective high frequency FM signal generator on the market, it is the broadcast engineers choice. You can get more details on this and the specification at 1w-pll-fm-transmitter-kit/

Meets EU/CE and FCC Technical Standards

An MRF151 easily provides 100 Watts of power continuously day in, day out, in the main amplifier block (click for temp test results). The amplifier output is low pass filtered to ensure that any spurious and harmonic signals remain within the tough EU spec of -75dB rtc. (Sec 4.11.1 ETS 300 384), this in turn easily puts them within the FCC and Industry Canada spec.

24/7 Non-Stop in High Temperature

This unit is designed with high reliability in mind. The cooling system incorporates. Two 60 mm fans keep the heatsinks in this unit cool to touch by hand, even when we tested it in Spain in summer at ambient temperatures in excess of 40 deg C. To maintain long term RF Output reliability the linear power amplifier is fitted with a 150 watt Mosfet Device. Due to this design the 100 watt FM transmitter is capable of Non-Stop Operation anywhere in the world with high reliability.

Full High SWR Protection

Under severe load mismatch conditions (poor SWR, Return Loss) the amplifier will automatically foldback the power to a safe level to protect itself, the antenna and cables from damage. When the load becomes good, full power automatically restores. On the front panel is a neat little meter lit up with intense blue LED's to indicate forward and reflected power. The amplifier is fully protected from poor SWR and reflected power for any duration of time. Expensive test equipment is NOT required, set up is a simple task using the internal LED's.

Two Year Warranty

This FM transmitter along with all our other products comes with a 2 year guarantee and our reputation of high reliability. On delivery the equipment is ready to plug in and use with any suitable 50 ohm antenna system such as our Vertical 5/8 Wave, Single Dipole or Stacked Dipole.

Frequency and Power Adjustments

By adjusting a small control inside the unit the RF power output level can be set smoothly anywhere from 1W to 100W. Any frequency between 87.5 to 108 MHz can be accurately programmed on the internal dip switches. Pre-emphasis time constants of 50uS, 75uS (USA) or none are easy to select on the Internal jumpers.

block diagram 100w fm transmitter aareff