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Radio Transmitters EU/CE Compliant with 5 Years Warranty


Over the the last 25 years we have been able make radio transmitters that will stand being in the worse places on the planet, places of high temperature, high humidity and unstable electricity supply, to just name a few. Even the British Army and the BBC used our radio transmitters in Iraq, why? the two most important things, 1. Low Cost and 2. Reliability. We have radio transmitters from a mere 0.1 watt (100mW) all the way up to a huge 1000 watts (1kW).

If you would like any more information about our radio transmitters simply click on the images below for the power level you require.

Free Shipping

All our radio transmitters INCLUDE free shipping. We ship transmitters to almost every country in the world using FedEx or DHL. Just click on the model you want below and the price will be shown for your country and currency. If you are comparing our prices to other vendors, remember the prices of our radio transmitters INCLUDE free shipping.

Five Years Warranty

All our radio transmitters include a five year limited warranty. If anything breaks, return the transmitter to us and we will repair it or we will assist you to resolve the problem on site, your choice! If you want to know more here's our warranty small print.


Our stereo versions with audio processing and limiting meet all the regulatory standards required out of the box and pre configured. In fact if you send us a copy of your permit and it's conditions, we'll set up your radio transmitter to the exact specification. Our radio transmitters comply with EU/CE harmonised standards and FCC technical requirements for FM broadcasting. More information HERE

Service Life

Our radio transmitters are guaranteed for 5 years, however the lifetime of of the product is considerably longer than this. It is normal to expect 10 years plus from our radio transmitters if they are serviced, cleaned and maintained in an environment of 30 degrees or less. We have clients that are still using our radio transmitters that were installed in the 1990s.

Operating Temperatures

All our fm transmitters are designed, tested and guaranteed to work with ease over the temperature range -20C to +40C, not only a few hours at these extreme limits, but months and years of continuous 24/7 operation. The radio transmitters on this page will stay powered permanently. It doesn't matter where you are, the Antarctic or the equator, our radio transmitters will keep going every day keeping your station on air.

AC Voltage Range

You can power our radio transmitters in the UK on square pin plugs, Europe on round pin plugs, USA on flat pin plugs or even Australia and NZ on slanted pin plugs. The voltage can be anything from 90 to 260 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz, our radio transmitters will work on any of them with total reliability. All our radio transmitters between 50 and 1000 watts can be be specially ordered to work on 48v DC for solar powered systems.


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