Peoples FM 104.1 Nigeria Aareff 50KW EIRP System


Peoples 104.1 FM is a private radio station located at Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria broadcasting across the state at 50KW EIRP in stereo with RDS.

8 Way Vertical Antenna

Using eight 800W amplifiers and eight stacked vertical halfwave antennas, including cable losses for a 50 metre tower, an EIRP of just over 50KW is obtained.

DnR Airmate and Zara Studio

We also supplied all the studio equipment. There are two studios, both powered with D&R Airmate Mixers and Zara Studio software.

150 miles

The owners of the station are recieveing phone calls with reception reports up to 150 miles, this is way in excess of our prediction when planning the station of about a 100 miles / 150km

The engineer of Peoples FM standing proud in front of the new Aareff Transmission System Getting to grips with DnR Airmate mixer at Peoples FM First use of the studio and ON AIR tests of Peoples FM Peoples FM studio playing automatically without presenters or DJs
The proud production team at Peoples FM 104.1 The driver exciter section of Peoples FM 6.4kW Aareff transmitter Complete view of back and front of Peoples Fm 6.4kW Aareff moudular transmitter. Used with an eight way stacked dipole, over 50kW EIRP Back panel view of the Aareff 8 way distribution amplifier connected to each one of eight 800W amplifiers. Total transmitter power 6.4kW