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Complete FM Radio Station Systems 1W to 100kW


These are our biggest sellers, they include, most importantly, the transmitter, the antenna and the antenna cable, the key elements of the FM broadcasting system. The actual transmitter supplied in these packages is normally the stereo version with audio processing, however the MPX version of the transmitter is available if the customer requires this. But not only that, these systems are brought to you for an unbelievable low price that just no other company can compete with.

Free Shipping

Since our start in 1996 we have constantly offered free shipping not only on our transmitter systems, but on all the products we manufacture. All the transmitters and systems you see on our webpages, INCLUDE shipping. If you comparing our transmitters with those of our competitors, please remember, if their transmitter prices do not include shipping, which is the case in nearly all of them, they will add it at the end of the check out process. This will increase the price you thought you were going to pay for their transmitter by between 10 and 50%. We have never liked this business practice, we think it's a little sneaky and certainly lacks transparency. If expensive shipping is going to be added to the transmitter price at the end of the process, then it's really courteous and to be frank and honest, to indicate this at the start of the check out process or even on the product page. But of course, they won't do that, because you would immediately know that their transmitter is too expensive and likely leave their page.

Temperature Range

Since 1996 we have manufactured and sent transmitters to all parts of the world, in fact, some of the worst countries in terms of environment in the world. Our transmitters have worked with reliability for our customers in searing heat without failure. Then there's the other extreme, our transmitters were used during an expedition in the Antarctica to broadcast from base. Over 25 years of extreme global climates and our transmitters are still going.

Voltage Range

You can power our transmitters in the UK on square pin plugs, Europe on round pin plugs, USA on flat pin plugs or even Australia and NZ on slanted pin plugs. The voltage can be anything from 90 to 260 VAC at 50 or 60 HZ, it doesn't matter, our transmitters will work on any of them with total reliability. The transmitters at 30 watts and below will work, in addition to AC at 12 to 15V DC making then perfect for operation on a vehicle battery. All our transmitters between 50 and 1000 watts can be be specially ordered to work on 48v DC for solar powered systems.


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