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Barix Conditional Warranty

The warranty period for defects due to material flaws, design errors or demonstrably careless work within the framework of software development lasts for two years with regard to hardware and one year with regard to software. The warranty period begins when the delivery is dispatched to the customer (for hardware or standard software).

The warranty is also excluded for defects which Barix or Aareff is not responsible for, e.g. natural wear and tear, force majeure, treatment and usage by the customer or third parties which is inappropriate and contrary to regulations and purpose, interventions by the customer or third parties, excessive loads, unsuitable equipment, faulty maintenance or extreme environmental influences, as well as in the case of modifications made by the customer to the products before reselling them to third parties.

Barix does not guarantee that the products which it delivers, processes or develops can be used uninterruptedly and absolutely flawlessly.

Barix undertakes to repair or replace, at its own discretion and as quickly as possible, products which are demonstrably defective during the warranty period due to the use of bad-quality materials, faulty design or poor workmanship, or which do not have the contractually guaranteed features or functions. The customer must provide Barix with all the relevant information for this. Replaced parts are the property of Barix. If it transpires that Barix is not responsible for a particular defect, the product will be repaired by Barix against payment.

In the event of demonstrably defective performance on the part of Barix within the framework of an individual software development, the right of rectification is explicitly reserved. In each case, Barix is liable only for direct or indirect damage which has occurred at the custoers site. Liability for indirect or consequential damage, such as lost profits, third-party claims or damage caused by the customers failure to comply with contractual obligations is thus explicitly excluded.

The customer does not have any further rights arising out of product defects other than those explicitly mentioned above.

Instructions for returning goods to Aareff are at https://www.aareff.com/en/returns/

The Commercial/Shipping Invoice is very important and it prevents import charges being made to Aareff on returned goods. Under no circumstances will any returned goods requiring payment of import charges be accepted by Aareff.


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