Veronica® Aareff
8000W (8kW) ERP FM
Broadcasting System

Veronica® Aareff 8000W ERP FM Broadcasting System
Veronica® Aareff 8000W ERP FM Broadcasting System

System Package Contents

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1W Stereo Exciter with Audio Processing info
19" Distribution Amplifier
2 x 19" 800W FM Amplifiers
4 x 1/2 Wave Vertical Antenna (total 8.7dBi)
2 x LMR400 30m (100 feet) Cables
All Other Interconnecting Cables
Veronica® Aareff 8000W ERP FM Broadcasting System

All You Need In One Shipment

This is big and has real power that will blanket penetrate a large city the size of New York or London with a strong stereo signal. If you're looking for distance, then with the antennas mounted high, 100km plus is perfectly possible. The Omni Directional produce total of 8kW (8000 watts) ERP of radiation. The only thing you need to provide is a nice big tower to put the antennas on, a quality studio with great presenters and you have a winning radio station in your hands.

1600 Watts (1.6kW) of FM Amplification

This package uses two of our new, super reliable and durable 800W amplifiers to produce a total of 1600W (1.6kW). These will operate day and night, every week, all year non stop and only require a little cleaning and maintenance every month. The amplifiers are fully protected from reflected power high SWR and over temperature.

4 Way stack of vertical half wave antennas

This system uses a super efficient 4 Way stack of vertical half wave antennas. Half wave vertical antennas are end fed which eliminates the use of a balun making them perfect for high power low loss operation and interface to pure 50 ohms unbalanced line. Basically, there is not a drop of power loss in the antenna, all 100% is radiated.

Two Year Warranty

Unlike all the other low cost transmitter companies, we have every confidence that this system will work a long time and for this reason we give a 2 year warranty (see warranty conditions)

Stereo Exciter with Peak Limiter and Audio Processor

This is where the FM signal starts, the internal Veronica PLL produces the highly stable FM signal in our a 1W Exciter. Then the internal stereo coder and audio processor boards produce a loud and crisp audio signal that everybody on the dial will notice. The limiter and stereo coder can be completely disabled if you want to use an external processor such as Orban, Inovonics or PC generated MPX/RDS. This unit complies with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety.

30 Metre (100 Feet) Antenna Cable

The 30 metre antenna cables (100 feet) connect each amplifier to the high powered circular antennas. The cable is low loss high quality foam type and when used in conjunction with the 1/2 vertical antenna, the radiated power from the antenna will be the amplifier power multiplied by four times

Power Upgrade Compatible

The advantage to using a separate amplifier is that if you need to upgrade to a bigger system you don't need to buy the driver, set up the audio and other baseband signals again, all you need to do is buy a bigger or more amplifiers to add to your driver. This system can easily be upgraded to 16 kW ERP. We can give you more advice on this if you contact us.

8kW Effective Radiated Power

The total power radiated by the antenna 4.7DBI Gain Omni Directional power is 8kW ERP. Ith the antenna mounted on large tower, based on our average customer reports this can propagate the circular radiated signal up to 100 km plus.

FM Transmitter Range Chart Based On Customer Reports

Worldwide Compatible

Many of our customers are based in Middle East, Africa and Latin America. These are just some of the countries we regularly send equipment to. Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Zambia, Yemen, Rep South Africa, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Niger, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Peru and Grenada. Our systems work on any voltage between 90 and 260V AC and in all of these countries with ease 24 hours a day, non stop.


This system, is powerful and dependable, but at the same time to make life easy has simplicity for the user and elegance.

We are engineers, we are not good sales people, we love technical questions and are more than happy to answer any that you have. Please email us.