Veronica® Aareff
50000W (50kW) ERP FM
Broadcasting System

System Package Contents

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1W Stereo Exciter with RDS and Audio Processing info
19" Distribution Amplifier
8 x 19" 800W FM Amplifiers
8 x 1/2 Wave Vertical Antenna (total 8.7dBi)
8 x LMR400 50m (164 feet) Cables
All Other Interconnecting Cables

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All You Need In One Shipment

This is big and has real power that will blanket penetrate a large city the size of New York or London or even a whole county or province with a strong stereo signal. If you're looking for distance, then with the antennas mounted high, 150km plus is perfectly possible. The Omni Directional Antenna system produce total of 50kW (50000 watts) EIRP of radiation. With this antenna system on a nice big tower you signal will reach the horizon with ease and beyond. Add a quality studio to this and you are in the highest class of FM broadcasters

50000 Watts (50kW) of FM Amplification

Eight 800W amplifiers with a combined power of 6400W feed this FM transmitter power plant. Since early 2017 we have produced the 800W amplifier, many have now been in operation for more than a year non-stop 24 7, we havent had a single return or problem with this amplifier. A small amount of cleaning every one to months will keep the 800W amplifiers reliable and in tip top condition running non stop for years.

8 Way Stack of Vertical Half Wave Antennas

Stacking 8 half wave antennas with the correct spacing produces at least 10dB of gain, this is at least a ten times power multiplication. We chose eight super efficient vertical half wave antennas. This type of antenna is end fed which eliminates the use of a balun which permits high power low loss operation with a direct 50 ohms unbalanced input. What does all this mean? it means that every signal drop of power gets radiated, all 100%, no waste or loss in heat.

50 Metre (130 Feet) Antenna Cable

The 50 metre antenna cables (164 feet) connect each amplifier to the high powered vertical antennas. The cable is low loss high quality foam type and when used in conjunction with the 1/2 vertical antenna, the radiated power from the antenna will be the amplifier power multiplied by 9 times to 58000W EIRP.

Stereo Exciter with Peak Limiter and Audio Processor

This is where the FM signal starts, the internal Veronica PLL produces the highly stable FM signal in our a 1W Exciter (PLL version 10). Then the internal stereo coder with RDS and audio processor boards produce a loud and crisp audio signal that is loud on the listeners radio. if you want to use an external processor such as Orban, Inovonics or PC generated MPX/RDS, the limiter and stereo coder we supply coder can be completely disabled. All the equipment conforms with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety.

Two Year Warranty

We are not like the other low cost transmitter companies, with us you have high grade and low cost. We are so confidence that this system will work a long time without problems and for this reason we give a 2 year warranty (see warranty conditions)

Equipment Compliance (Declaration of Conformity)

European Union

We hereby declare that this equipment complies with;
ETS 300384 European Telecommunications Harmonised Standard when used with an audio compressor limiter supplied and tested by Aareff
EN 301489-11 V1.3.1 (2006-05) EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility when used with 1 meter AC mains cord supplied. If the installation engineer needs to extend this cord, this and the audio input cable should be no more than 3 meters in length to remain in compliance with EMC directive.
2006/95/EC Directive (2006-12) LVD Low Voltage Directive.

Equipment compliance is possible using equipment from and in conjunction from other manufacturers, but since this is beyond the control of Aareff Systems, Aareff Systems cannot or be expected to guarantee compliance in this situation.

United States

The following list are the FCC technical requirements for FM broadcasting. We confirm and verify that this transmitter complies with the technical requirements.

47 CFR Chapter I Federal Communications Commission sections:
73.1560, 2.1046 RF Power
73.1545, 2.1055 Frequency Stability
73.317, 2.1049 (e)(3) Emission Limitation, Emission Mask
73.317, 2.1057, 2.1051 Emission Limits, Spurious Emissions at Antenna Terminal
73.317, 2.1057, 2.1053 Emission Limits, Field Strength of Spurious Emissions

Worldwide Compatible

We have equipment in all the following countries and more, Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Zambia, Yemen, Rep South Africa, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Niger, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Peru and Grenada. We design our transmitters to be worldwide compatible operating on 90 to 260VAC

50kW Effective Radiated Power

The total power radiated by the antenna of 11.6 dBi gain minus feeder losses is 58kW ERP. With the antenna mounted on large tower, based on our average customer reports this can propagate the radiated signal up to 150 km plus.

FM Transmitter Range Chart Based On Customer Reports