Veronica® Aareff 4000W (4kW) ERP FM Broadcasting System

Veronica® Aareff 4000W ERP FM Broadcasting System
Veronica® Aareff 4000W ERP FM Broadcasting System
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19" Audio Processor and 1W Stereo Exciter
19" 800W Amplifier
30 Meter Antenna Cable
Antenna 4 Way Vertical 1/2 Wave (1KW +8.6dBi Gain)
All Interconnecting Cables
Antenna Mounting Brackets

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4000 Watts (4kW) Effective Radiated Power

Our 4 Way Vertical 1/2 Wave along with 30 metres of LMR400 and the 800W transmitter will produce 4000W ERP. This is enough power to project the signal over 100 km if the antenna is mounted in a high position on high land.

800W Watt Amplifier

This is actually a 1KW amplifier block and device inside, but we back it off to 800W to ensure super reliability. The 800W produced will operate with ease at full power 24 hours a day non stop in any country and with any AC voltage in the world. The small meter on the front panel shows forward and reflected power and is back lit with blue LED's. The amplifier is fully protected from poor SWR and thermal overload for any duration of time.

Stereo with Peak Limiter with Audio Processor

Super strong 2U 19 inch unit made to last constructed from steel and powder coated in black. Internally the fiber glass circuit boards are high grade and robust. The world renowned Veronicaź is the core of the driver creating a beautiful low noise and linear audio to 1W FM conversion. Following this the 1W is further amplified up to 4W and then a massive jump up to 800W. The option of external processing is available, the internal limiter and stereo coder can be completely disabled if if that's what you requrie. This unit complies with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety.

Everything, But the Tower and Studio

The system comes with 30m / 100ft of antenna cable, the stereo exciter with audio processing, 800w amplifier and high gain antenna. This is basically the complete FM transmission system. All you need to provide is a tower of up to 20m / 70ft, a studio, electricity and great radio presenters and you have a winning radio station.

1/2 Wave Antenna (1KW +8.6dBi Gain)

The 1/2 vertical antenna is basically an end fed 1/2 wave dipole. Stacking four of these in phase gives a total RF gain of +8.6dBi, this multiplies the power from the antenna cable by a factor of about 7 times towards the horizon. This well and truly puts the power where it is needed most.

Operating Frequency

This is a big system, but relatively easy to install by the station engineer or high level technician. When we test this system we need to assign it a frequency, we would prefer that this is the frequency of your choice, so please select the frequency in the price panel. You can easily change it later if you need to.

30 Meter Antenna Cable

30 Meter Antenna Cable - This cable is high quality foam and carries the radio signal 30 meters to the antenna, this would normally be used for stations with towers, or masts of up to 20 meters in height.

Warranty, Two Years

As standard with all our products, even on big amplifiers like this we are confident you'll have no breakdowns, 2 year warranty (see warranty conditions)


All these models comply with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety, the relevant FCC sections of US 47 CFR Part 73 for verification and ITU-R BS.450-3 (11/01) FM Broadcasting at VHF.

Over Two Decades, Still Here

21 years of selling transmitters to some of the poorest countries in Africa and Middle East has made us experts in fabricating amazing, reliable and robust equipment, if we didn't, we wouldn't be still here. Our products are built for bad environments and are made for the long haul !!!