Veronica® Aareff 30W FM Broadcasting Transmitter

Veronica® Aareff 30W FM Broadcasting Transmitter Veronica® Aareff 30W FM Broadcasting Transmitter

Complete Package

This neat package, INCLUDES our tuned dipole antenna with 12 metres of cable. It is ideal for any low power broadcasters wishing to cover a small complex such as a university complex, hospital grounds, very small village, theme parks etc.

System Package Contents

30W Transmitter
Option 1 - MPX
Option 2 - Stereo
Option 3 - Stereo and Audio Processing
Single Dipole +1.8dBi
12m Coaxial Cable -1.8dB
All Interconnectiong Cables
Antenna Mounting Brackets

MPX, Stereo or Audio Processing?

Not sure if you need MPX, Stereo or Stereo with Audio Processing? This is all explained at the 30W FM Transmitter page.

Operates On Virtually Any Power Source

Any frequency between 87.5 to 108MHz can be accurately programmed on the internal dip switches accessible from the underside panel in a few minutes. Expensive test equipment is NOT required, set up is a simple task using the LED's on the front panel. The transmitter operates from a 15DC supply or the supplied AC adapter (100 - 250VAC). This makes it suitable for use on a standard power pack or automobile power system anywhere around the world.

Two Year Warranty

On delivery the equipment is ready to plug in and use. This FM transmitter system along with all our other products comes with a limited 2 year warranty (see warranty conditions)

Simple Set Up

Instructions are supplied to show the station engineer how to set this system to any frequency from 87.5 - 108.0 MHz. However, when we assemble this system we have to test and set it to some frequency, please select the frequency in price panel below that you would like it set to on delivery.