30 Watt EIRP Professional FM Broadcasting System

30W FM Stereo Broadcasting Transmitter with Audio Processing 30W FM Stereo Broadcasting Transmitter with Audio Processing 30W FM MPX Broadcasting Transmitter

System Package Contents

30W transmitter
Option 1 - Stereo and Audio Processing
Option 2 - MPX Composite
Single Dipole +1.8dBi
12m Coaxial Cable -1.8dB
All Interconnecting Cables
Antenna Mounting Brackets

Complete Package

This is a small EIRP system using our tuned dipole antenna with 12 metres of cable and our 30W transmitter. These small EIRP systems are normally used from hospital radio up to the size of a town or suburb of a large city. This one is good for a signal of up to about 11 miles in open flat land or about a quarter of that in densly populated concrete and brick populations. This is not the right range for you we have the following other sizes 10W EIRP, 20W EIRP, 30W EIRP, and 50W EIRP. It's always better to get a little bit more power than you need, probably double to be comfortable, then reduce the power, which is easily done on our transmitters, to the level you need to comply with your permit and to cover your service area. The p˛wer of this system can be adjusted anywhere between 1W and 30W EIRP.

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Five Year Warranty

Aareff FIVE YEARS !!! Warranty

These transmitters come with a limited 5 YEARS!!! warranty
(see warranty conditions)

MPX or Audio Processing?

Not sure if you need MPX or Stereo with Audio Processing? This is all explained at the 30W FM Transmitter page.

Operates On Virtually Any Power Source

The internal power supply is world universal and will operate from 90 to 260V AC at 50 or 60 Hz. The power supply is overrated for the job, so the whole system will run 24/7, day in, day out for years nonstop without breakdown or failure

Simple Set Up

The transmitter user manuals Stereo and Audio Processing Version and MPX Composite Version show the station engineer how to set this system to any frequency from 87.5 - 108.0 MHz. However, when we assemble this system we have to test and set it to some frequency. If you would like it delivered on a frequency of your choice, please let us know prior to dispatch.


If the MPX composite version is used as delivered with suitable configured audio limiting equipment, this system complies with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety, the relevant FCC sections of US 47 CFR Part 73 for verification and ITU-R BS.450-3 (11/01) FM Broadcasting at VHF. If you are a novice or beginner and you don't have any knowledge of audio limiting, processing and compression you should purchase the stereo version with audio processing and ask us to pre-configure it for you to maintain compliance with these regulations.