Veronica® Aareff
16000W (16kW) EIRP FM
Broadcasting System

System Package Contents

1 FM Stereo Driver, Audio Processing and RDS
1 4 Way Distribution Splitter Amplifier
4 800W FM Power Amplifiers
4 LMR400 30m (100 feet) Cables
1 All Other Connecting Cables
4 1/2 Wave High Power Antenna Sets

16kW (16000 Watts) EIRP

This system will provide a massive 16kW, or 16000 watts if you prefer, of Effective Radiated Power direct from your antenna system to the horizon. This huge amount of power is really possible from only four 800W amplifiers totalling 3.2kW.

From the top of a huge hill or reasonable sized mountain, this level of ERIP can propagate the signal up to 160km distance, that is a big coverage area if you can find the right site to locate the transmitter.

Typical Transmission Range

This is a chart we plotted based on customer feedback and their listener reports. It's not intended to be super accurate, but it does give an idea of the typical or average maximum distances you can expect from a good installtion on high ground with a tall mast

FM Transmitter Range Chart Based On Customer Reports

FM Stereo, Audio Processing and RDS

Our FM driver provides it all, FM Stereo, Audio Processing and the RDS signal. There is also the option to bypass these if you want to use MPX input for an external processor such as Orban, Inovonics or PC generated MPX/RDS. This driver unit complies with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety.

Built In Back Up / Always ON AIR!

This system uses four separate amplifiers, four separate antenna cables and four separate antennas, it's virtually impossible for it to go OFF AIR under any fault condition.

If you were to use a single transmitter of 3KW and it went off or faulty, that would be it, GAME OVER and OFF AIR until it was fixed. This could be days, maybe even weeks off air, think of the cost of that to the station. This cannot happen with our system.

For example, Let's say one 800W amplifier develops a problem (very unlikely, but not impossible), it can shut down all together, the other three 800W amplifiers will continue to operate unaffected independently. It's the same if one of the antenna cable or connectors develop a problem, only one part of the system will go down. The same if an antenna goes faulty or is hit by lightning, the other three amplifiers and antennas will continue.

So you see, with our system the only way the station could be completely shut down is if all four 800W amplifiers, cables and antennas failed at exactly the same time. This is virtually impossible.

Veronica® Aareff 160000W ERP FM Broadcasting System

Four Vertical 1/2 Wave Antennas

Instead of the traditional centre fed 1/2 wave dipole, we use end fed vertical 1/2 wave radiators. We've found that dipoles operating at the higher power levels of 800W have problems with the baluns not suppressing fully the RF currents from traveling across the surface of the mast and along the outside of the coaxial cable. This in turn causes a loss of gain at the antenna because the cable and the mast actually start radiating inefficiently.

To resolve this problem we use high impedance end fed 1/2 wave radiators that can handle power into KW with ease. Further, there are no residual RF currents on the outside of the cable or the mast. The 1/2 wave vertical has a solid DC ground to the mast. Our 1/2 wave verticals are based on our ultra reliable 5/8 antenna that we have manufactured and sold in thousands for more than 20 years.

LOUD!! and Clean Sound

With a potential range of 160km in all directions, this huge area needs a huge sound, but clean too. Our built in audio processor provides this.

Slow Acting AGC
Automatic Gain Control keeps the audio level at maximum. The AGC action is slow enough so that the bass frequencies and drums do not cause that horrible pumping or breathing sound some compressor limiters exhibit. But its also fast enough so if a massive huge loud input signal appears, it doesn't sink the AGC to silence for more than a few seconds. This compromise of AGC speed we have arrived at over 2 years of testing all types of audio input used typically in broadcasting.

Ultra Fast Peak Limiter.
This peak limiter follows or rides above the AGC removing the top 6dB spikes and peaks of the signal at ultra high speed, it doesn't clip or slice them off like some FM peak limiters, it controls and reduces the actual gain at high speed on every single individual cycle. This keeps the sound highly compressed and loud, but clean too without any of grating sound and sibilance on the high frequencies associated with clippers.

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Fully Protected

The main power blocks in the this system are the 800W amplifiers are they are fully protected from harmful reflected power and over temperature

Big Warranty

The 800W amplifiers have a clear two year warranty that we are confident you will never need. The 1W driver / exciter and everything else in the package has a 5 year warranty, again, we are confident you won't need it

We have every confidence that this system will work a very long time 24/7 day in day out (see warranty conditions)

16KW From 3.2KW, How?

This is the classic trick, tried and tested for nearly a century. Stacking and phasing antennas

Some would say that's against the laws of physics, others would simply say, you can't get something for nothing, it's impossible. Well!, not quite. By taking the power that would normally be radiated straight up and straight down and redirecting it to the sides, this gives the effect and equivalence of increasing the transmitter power to the horizon without actually using any more power.

This works the following way:

Every 1/2 wave long radiator (basically antenna) without any reflective ground plain has a natural gain of 2.1dB. This is because the radiation pattern from this size radiator is a little bit like the shape of a donought, it bulges out to the sides (the horizon) and has a hole with a no power area entering the top and bottom. This power lost in the top and bottom area is redirected to the sides. This increased side radiation has the same effect as increasing the transmitter power by +2.1dB to the horizon.

This bulging to the sides can be increased even further by 1: adding three more antennas and feeding the signal to these additional antennas in exactly the same phase as the first antenna and; 2: placing an optimum distance between the antennas. Through many tests we found the optimum distance for the 88 to 108 band to be 2.8 meters. In total when the four antennas are installed this way, it produces an additional gain of +6.6dB

The total antenna gain is +2.1dB +6.6dB, -1.2dB antenna cable loss. So therefore the net antenna gain, including the cable loss is 2.1 + 6.6 - 1.2 = +7.5 dBi. Now +7.5dB represented as a power ratio is 5.625. So to calculate the EIRP we just multiply 3.2kW by 5.625, this comes to 18kW EIRP. So it's not 16kW EIRP, it's actually a good bit more at 18kW EIRP. We market and sell the system as a 16kW EIRP package to give a little headroom and account for any small margin or error.

Worldwide Compatible

Our customers are based across all areas of the world.

We regularly send equipment to. Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Zambia, Yemen, Rep South Africa, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Niger, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Peru and Grenada.

Our systems work in all these countries and more on any voltage between 90 and 260V AC with ease 24 hours a day, non stop.