100kW EIRP FM Broadcast Transmitter System

100kW EIRP 19 inch professional equipment rack with FM transmitter and RF amplifier
100kW EIRP antenna system, operation and installation guide

How Far Will 100kW Reach?

This is about as big as it gets, there are not many systems bigger than this and even if there are, it's pretty difficult to exceed the 200km distance with any amount of power due to the earths curvature. With the antennas mounted on a high mast on high ground we have had reports from clients saying they have received calls from listeners up to 200km away. Admittedly, this distance is the extreme limit of 100kW, but is absolutely possible. Normal reception would be about half this clocking in about about 100km when you take the average radio, terrain etc. into account. But remember, power is not always about distance, power is sometimes required to penetrate the dense construction in some cities with tall concrete and steel buildings. Some of the large mega stations in the US use this power level, in the Los Angeles alone KBIG, KLOS and KTWV use this power level.

8kW FM Transmitter Power

The actual real raw power for the 100kW EIRP system is 8kW RMS of RF. This is obtained from eight 1000 watt amplifiers which are combined together to produce the 8000 watts. To the best of our knowledge no other manufacturer does it this way, we are unique in this. Other manufacturers make just a single amplifier of 8kW, but a single unit for all this power has a serious flaw, if it fails or needs servicing, the station is 'off air', 'game over' so to speak. If our system fails or needs servicing, only one amplifier will go down, leaving 87.5% of the power still operational which is a drop that would not even be noticed by the listener.

12dBi Antenna Gain

In these systems the antenna is everything, you must treat the antenna like your best friend, even a brother (sister too! for the pc sensitive). The antenna just looks like lumps and rods of aluminum screwed together, and it is! but it is much more, the antennas length, shape, installation and height dictate if you signal is going to do tens of miles or less than one mile. The antenna is more important than the transmitter and amplifiers. This antenna system uses eight folded dipoles optimally spaced to produce 12dBi of gain. Cut short, this multiplies the signal pointing to the horizon by 12.5 times resulting in 100kW EIRP transmission signal.

40 Metre (130 Feet) Antenna Cable

The 40mt of LMR600 cable supplied with this system is robust yet flexible making installation much easier. If you prefer the more rigid type, that's okay, just let us know and we will change the system to that. LMR600 has a very high specification with just over a fraction of 1dB loss for 40mt at 100MHz. In addition, if 40mt is not sufficient in length, just let us know and for a small additional cost we will quote for the extra length.

Five Years! Warranty
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Package Contents

1FM Stereo Driver with Audio Processing
18 Way Distribution Splitter Amplifier
81000W FM Power Amplifier
8LMR600 40m /131ft Cables
1All Other Connecting Cables
8Broadband High Power Folded Dipole Antenna with Tower Mounting Clamps

FM Stereo Audio and Processing

The FM signal starts in the internal Veronica PLL which produces the super low noise and highly stable FM signal. You can find more info on this at in our 1W Exciter (PLL version 10). Then the internal stereo coder and audio processor boards provide a loud and crisp audio signal on the listeners radio. If your more of an expert, you can if you want use an external processor such as Orban, Inovonics or PC generated MPX/RDS, the limiter and stereo coder we supply can be completely disabled.

Declaration of Conformity

European Union

We hereby declare that this equipment complies with;
ETS 300384 European Telecommunications Harmonised Standard when used with an audio compressor limiter supplied and tested by Aareff
EN 301489-11 V1.3.1 (2006-05) EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility when used with 1 meter AC mains cord supplied. If the installation engineer needs to extend this cord, this and the audio input cable should be no more than 3 meters in length to remain in compliance with EMC directive.
2006/95/EC Directive (2006-12) LVD Low Voltage Directive.

Equipment compliance is possible using equipment from and in conjunction from other manufacturers, but since this is beyond the control of Aareff Systems, Aareff Systems cannot or be expected to guarantee compliance in this situation.

United States

The following list are the FCC technical requirements for FM broadcasting. We confirm and verify that this transmitter complies with the technical requirements.

47 CFR Chapter I Federal Communications Commission sections:
73.1560, 2.1046 RF Power
73.1545, 2.1055 Frequency Stability
73.317, 2.1049 (e)(3) Emission Limitation, Emission Mask
73.317, 2.1057, 2.1051 Emission Limits, Spurious Emissions at Antenna Terminal
73.317, 2.1057, 2.1053 Emission Limits, Field Strength of Spurious Emissions

100kW Maximum Range Chart

This graph is based on average maximum customer reports in some directions. Basically this shows the maximum ranges really ever recorded. Most of the reports were radio station listeners that phoned, texted, Whatsapp etc into the radio station programs operated by our customers.

Maximum FM Transmitter Range For 100kW EIRP Based On Customer Reports From Around The World