100000W (100kW) EIRP FM Transmitter Broadcast System

System Package Contents

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1W Stereo Exciter with RDS and Audio Processing info
19" Distribution Amplifier
8 x 19" 1000W FM Amplifiers
8 x Broadband Folded Dipole Antennas (total 12dBi)
8 x LMR600 40m (131 feet) Cables
All Other Interconnecting Cables

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All You Need In One Shipment

This is about as big as it gets, 100kW EIRP, from high point, huge hill or mountain, +200km is possible with this system. But more closer to home, in busy, clogged cities with metal and concrete, this has the power needed to penetrate right through those buildings and still give a strong and clean signal.

100000 Watts (100kW) EIRP. How?

Eight 1kW amplifiers produce a total combined power of 8kW which feeds its way along 40 mt/ 131 Ft of antenna cable and arrives at eight broadband folded dipoles. These folded dipoles are installed in such a way with careful positioning and phasing to multiply the 8kW of power by another 12.5 times to 100kW or 100000 watts! radiated to the horizon.

I know some of you are saying impossible, you can't get power for free, that's right, you can't and we don't. The careful positioning and phasing takes all the power that would be normally radiated spherically in all directions and concentrates it in a narrow angle, 360 degree, beam to the horizon.

It's a little like getting a ball (or sphere) of dough 3 inches / 7.5 cm in diameter, slapping it under the rolling pin and creating a 12 inch / 30 cm thin, but round pizza base. This is whats happening with the 8000 watts, it's being squeezed out to the sides by 12.5 times. This method is extremely efficient (and not to mention super green) by putting the power in the exact place and the only place it's needed and not wasting it anywhere else.

8 Way Stack of Broadband Dipoles

We developed this antenna last year, we spent hours and weeks simulating designs and then more hours weeks building multiple prototypes of it until we finally cracked it and had perfection on our hands. Each folded dipole can handle 3kW of amplifier power, so for eight, it's a total of 24kW.

It's not a regular folded dipole, it has like H sections on the ends of the main radiator and the matching and balun section is different to any other design we have ever seen. The H sections improve bandwidth.

This antenna has a VSWR maximum of 1.0 to 1.2 right from 86 through to 110 MHz, it's super broadband, it's close to the performance of a dummy load.

40 Metre (130 Feet) Antenna Cable

The 40 metre antenna cables (130 feet) connect each amplifier with big 7-16 DIN connectors to the high powered folded dipole antennas. The LMR600 cable is low loss high quality foam type. If you need more than 40m, no problem, just send us a message and we will provide with the price and proforma

Stereo Exciter with Peak Limiter and Audio Processor

This is where the FM signal starts, the internal Veronica PLL produces the highly stable FM signal in our a 1W Exciter (PLL version 10). Then the internal stereo coder with RDS and audio processor boards produce a loud and crisp audio signal that is loud on the listeners radio. if you want to use an external processor such as Orban, Inovonics or PC generated MPX/RDS, the limiter and stereo coder we supply coder can be completely disabled. All the equipment conforms with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety.

Five Years Warranty

Aareff FIVE YEARS !!! Warranty

We know this system will be amazing and reliable for you which gives us the confidence to give you a 5 YEARS!!! limited warranty
(see warranty conditions)

Equipment Compliance (Declaration of Conformity)

European Union

We hereby declare that this equipment complies with;
ETS 300384 European Telecommunications Harmonised Standard when used with an audio compressor limiter supplied and tested by Aareff
EN 301489-11 V1.3.1 (2006-05) EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility when used with 1 meter AC mains cord supplied. If the installation engineer needs to extend this cord, this and the audio input cable should be no more than 3 meters in length to remain in compliance with EMC directive.
2006/95/EC Directive (2006-12) LVD Low Voltage Directive.

Equipment compliance is possible using equipment from and in conjunction from other manufacturers, but since this is beyond the control of Aareff Systems, Aareff Systems cannot or be expected to guarantee compliance in this situation.

United States

The following list are the FCC technical requirements for FM broadcasting. We confirm and verify that this transmitter complies with the technical requirements.

47 CFR Chapter I Federal Communications Commission sections:
73.1560, 2.1046 RF Power
73.1545, 2.1055 Frequency Stability
73.317, 2.1049 (e)(3) Emission Limitation, Emission Mask
73.317, 2.1057, 2.1051 Emission Limits, Spurious Emissions at Antenna Terminal
73.317, 2.1057, 2.1053 Emission Limits, Field Strength of Spurious Emissions

Worldwide Compatible

We have equipment in all the following countries and more, Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Zambia, Yemen, Rep South Africa, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Niger, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Peru and Grenada. We design our transmitters to be worldwide compatible operating on 90 to 260VAC

100kW EIRP

To give you a little idea of the power level we are dealing with here, this is a graph plotted using average results from customers reports. The 100kW in this package is off the scale on the graph which ends at 28kW. A few clients have reported 165km with only 16kW EIRP. But you can see after 16kW, the graph gets very steep and this is why you need huge power to get that distance. Hitting the 200km mark with a single FM transmitter is a challenge for any power level

FM Transmitter Range Chart Based On Customer Reports