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Veronica Replacement 100W and 200W Amplifier Blocks

Aareff 100W Transmitter Amplifier Block Aareff 200W Transmitter Amplifier Block

Inc. Delivery to UNITED STATES

Replacement 100W PA Block and Board Set For Aareff 100W Transmitters (100wpamset)
US$ 522.33

Replacement 200W PA Block and Board Set For Aareff 200W Transmitters (200wpamset)
US$ 902.40

Repair or Replace?

Customers like to send their old transmitters back to repair them, but when you add shipping costs, this often costs more than buying the new parts you need. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us..

100W Amplifier Block

You can buy the complete 100W block from us, as shown in the picture. This is completely assembled and tested and ready to be placed inside your old power amplifier box. Just make sure your power supplies are still good and reliable with the correct voltages. These 100W block sets are taken from a totally new 100W transmitter, so all the screws and holes are in the right places and then you have no problem getting everything to fit when they are delivered to you.

200W Amplifier Block

The 200W amplifier (two new blocks with the central combiner), these are fully tested and actually taken from a new 200W amplifier that has been in tested for 48 hours. Because we have no control over the engineer performing the repair, we can not guarantee that the repair will be successful. Due to this, the two new blocks with the central combiner will not be covered by the guarantee. You must make sure have a qualified engineer.


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