Veronica® FM Broadcasting Kits for more than 20 Years

Veronica 1W PLL, Stereo Coder and Limiter kits are designed to give very high quality performance suitable for professional use. Thousands of these kits across the world have been purchased over 20 years and still going strong with a good reputation for performing to the specification we state and beyond.

Five Year Warranty on Assembled and Tested Kits

Aareff 5 Year Warranty

We are so sure that our kits will perform virtually forever without any trouble that we can confindently offer a 5 year warranty, simply put, they'll run 24/7, day in, day out, and will never let you down, they are the best!

We would recommend that total novices purchase the assembled and tested versions / modules. Watch this space as we are at the moment considering making our power amplifier modules available for builders. All kits are supplied with full instructions that include, construction details, component list, PCB layout, schematic, circuit testing and troubleshooting.

1 Watt PLL FM Transmitter Kit

FM Stereo Coder Kit

FM Transmitter Audio Processor Limiter Compressor