User Manual FM Repeater Receiving Equipment


Veronica® Aareff FM repeater translator antenna layout


i. The various pieces of equipment in this document are only for use permanently at a pre-defined location with an FM transmitter system and transmitter antenna (not included) that has a license or authorisation from the radio spectrum regulator in your country or EU member state.

ii. The installer must have competent RF engineering skills at their disposal, be EMC aware and understand radio frequency systems. The final installation should be in accordance with the site engineering document at The radio station management must assign a responsible person to the transmission equipment and installation.


Veronica® Aareff FM repeater translator tuner and filter layout


A Band Stop / Notch Filter
B Branded High Grade FM Tuner
C Quarter Wave Filter Cable
D Filter To Tuner Cable
E Yagi Receiver Antenna Downlead Cable


Veronica® Aareff four element yagi parts list
A 1Boom front piece
B 1Boom back piece
C 1Second director top piece
D 1Second director bottom piece
E 1First director top piece
F 1First director bottom piece
G 1Reflector top piece
H 1Reflector bottom piece
I 1Active element top piece
J 1Active element bottom piece
K 2Active element feed pieces
L 2Mast or pole 38mm U-bolts
M 2Boom 25mm U-bolts
N 1Boom to mast clamping plate
O 1Boom front and back union piece
P 2Active element feed clamps
Q 4Boom 25mm tube clamps
R 4Director and reflector 16mm tube clamps


Veronica® Aareff four element yagi construction


All components used in this apparatus are RoHS compliant and do not contain above the specified limits in any of the following restricted substances:


We sell this equipment to professionals and organizations in good faith it will be used correctly and legally. Nearly every country in the world require licensing for this type of equipment. It is the customerís responsibility to check relevant laws, directives, regulations and licensing requirements before installing or putting this product into service with an antenna system. You, the customer or user agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Aareff Systems Limited, itís employees and agents, from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from improper or unlawful use of this equipment.


This apparatus must NOT be disposed of with other domestic waste.

We are fully committed to maintaining our responsibilities to the environment. Owners of apparatus that has reached the end of it's useful life can return it to us for recycling, recondition, reuse or proper disposal. You will be required to pay lowest cost postal service available to ship the apparatus to us. Before shipping please contact us for more important information.


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