We have been asked by a customer in Ireland to clarify in writing the outcome of the legal action and court case between Hollings and Moss in 1999.

Stephen Moss lost the court case in 1999 on the following grounds, copyright infringement, breach of contract and passing off. He was ordered to stop manufacturing the copied boards and designs and to never use the name Veronica again. As part of the court settlement Stephen Moss asked Paul Hollings if he would agree not disclose the result of the court case for 2 years as doing so would finish the business for him and Christine. Paul Hollings did not want this for Stephen Moss and Christine and agreed to a Tomlin order to enforce this 2 years of silence. The costs for Paul Hollings came to just over thirteen thousand UK Pounds. Stephen Moss claimed he had no money and it would mean Christine would have to sell their house to pay the costs. Hollings did not want them to lose the house and for this reason did not demand payment of the costs.

No expert witness's appeared in any of the court sessions. Due to Paul Hollings being a former BBC engineer, he was considered an expert witness and that was sufficient.

Justin Birch of J P Mewies Solicitors (now Quality Solicitors) represented Paul Hollings throughout the entire legal action.

Aareff takes all reasonable steps to ensure this information is accurate. Any challenge to the accuracy of this information can be sent in writing to Aareff Systems Ltd lawyer Justin Birch, Quality Solicitors, Clifford House, Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2NB, United Kingdom
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