Veronica® BARIX instreamer configuration for streaming

The instructions on this page show you how to configure a Barix Instreamer to send an audio stream to a Shoutcast host to create an online internet radio station.

Before you start you will need:

Account with a Shoutcast host, server address, port number and password.
Barix Instreamer and power supply
RJ45 to RJ45 network cable, any length
Router with spare RJ45 output
Headphones with 3.5mm Jack Plug, any quality
Computer connected to router by cable or wireless connection
A pen and paper

1.Plug in the power supply to the AC outlet, but DO NOT plug into the Barix at this point, just have the DC connector ready.

2.Connect the Barix Instreamer to your router using the RJ45 to RJ45 network cable.

3.Connect the headphones to the Barix Instreamer and put them on your head.

4.Get the pen and paper ready because you will need to write down an IP number in a moment.

The IP Address listened to for our unit is, it will almost certainly be different on yours.

5.Enter the IP Address into the browser address bar, this will then display in your browser the Barix Instreamer Device Status page.

6.Click on CONFIGURATION and then on left menu below click Advanced Settings.

Select Audio tab and adjust:

-Audio Format to MPEG /44.1 KHz (MP3)

-MPEG bitrate mode to VBR

-MPEG Encoding quality to 4

Select Streaming tab and adjust:

-Own Name to (your radio station name, in our example Musica de Hollings)

-icy-genre to (your music type, in our example Reggaeton, Latin Pop)

-icy-url / SIP user to (your website address)

-Transmisión de Shoutcast al público

-STREAMING DESTINATIONS only row 1, leave the other rows untouched.

-Conn. type to Shoutcast

-Enter IP Address or Domain Name to (your server IP address, our example is Port to (your port number, our example is 8070)

Select Security tab and adjust:

Icecast/Shoutcast to (your shoutcast server password)

7.Go to the bottom of the page and click 'Apply', the device will restart, you need to wait 4 seconds.

8.Apply your audio feed to the RCA/Phono inputs on the Barix Instreamer.

9.Wait about 5 minutes for the shoutcast server to pick up and start processing the stream.

10.Enter the Shoutcast server address and port number into a browser, in our example it's to confirm you can see the Shoutcast web interface with your station details.

11.You shoutcast hosting may provide a weblink to a radio player for your stream, if not you can download one of many available on the net. This is one we downloaded from and then placed the link and code here, try it.

Alex Hollings music
streamed continuously from: