Veronica® Aareff 100mW PLL FM Stereo Broadcasting Transmitter

Veronica® Aareff 100mw FM Broadcasting Transmitter

FM Stereo Cable Driver

Also available is our FM Stereo Cable Driver. This model allows direct connection to the antenna socket of the tuner using standard 75 ohm TV antenna coax. The output level is set -30dBm. If multiple outputs are required for distribution around a large building or complex, the output can be split multiple times using the low cost TV type resistive splitters from DIY shops.


Frequency is selectable by means of dip switches and pre-emphasis is selectable ( 50us/75us/none ) by means of jumpers. This FM transmitter accepts a standard line input from compressor limiters, audio mixers, DVD players, CD players, computer sound cards etc. by way of 2 x RCA phono sockets mounted on the rear of the unit.

Truly Plug And Play.

This attractive compact unit is ideal for very small radio stations requiring exceptional stereo audio quality over short ranges of typically less than 500 meters. Typical examples could be festival radio, hospital radio, campus radio, school radio, 'drive in' movie audio transmission etc. The unit is based around the Aareff 1 Watt PLL transmitter and crystal referenced stereo encoder broadcasting sound that rivals any of the commercial FM stations. This FM Transmitter comes ready-assembled, in its own durable enclosure. You can operate this unit on any AC mains voltage in the world. With the right lead it will also work on a 13.8V DC (sometimes referred to as 12V) vehicle power supply.

This FM transmitter along with all our other products comes with a full twelve month guarantee and our reputation of high reliability.

All these models comply with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety, the relevant FCC sections of US 47 CFR Part 73 for verification and ITU-R BS.450-3 (11/01) FM Broadcasting at VHF.

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Two Year Warranty

This FM transmitter system along with all our other products comes with a limited 2 year warranty (see warranty conditions)

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We are absolutely passionate about the products we build and we try and think of everything we can do with our designs to make it easier and reliable for the customer. We are not the best sales people, but we are great engineers, so if you have any technical questions please feel free to email us.