The 200W power amplifier was designed to be stacked in our 3200W ERP system, but customers emailed, telephoned and asked if it could be purchased alone without the system, the answer is now an absolute yes.

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The 200W power amplifier has also been a successful component in the 400W ERP and 500W ERP system. We have have gone to great lengths to ensure that it complies with the European LVD, EMC and when used with a suitable and compatible driver the amplifier complies with the European telecommunication standard ETS 300384. The amplifier will deliver a minimum of 200 watts of robust stable power from only 1 watt of drive with low harmonic and spurious levels below -75dBc. To the best of our knowledge this satisfies the legal requirements for all countries in the world. This incredible RF gain provides amplification of 23dB (200 times!!!!) without a single instability.

Unlike other power amps on the market, this unit is complete, tested and ready to use on delivery. The internal power supply accepts 90 to 260V AC making it suitable for use in all countries of the world. Just hook up the power amp to your antenna, transmitter drive and mains power supply. Never take off the lid, no tuning needed, no test equipment required. This unit is truly plug and play. It is suitable for use with all our 1W drivers and possibly other manufacturers 1W transmitter drivers, you would need to check this with us.

Under severe load mismatch conditions (poor SWR, Return Loss) the amplifier will automatically foldback the power to a safe level to protect itself, the antenna and cables from damage. When the load becomes good, full power automatically restores.

• Ideal for use at full power in hot climate
• 200W MINIMUM RF Power Output, 250W Typical
• Adjustable from 1W to full output
• Spurious Emissions <-75 dBc EU ETS300384
• Harmonic Emissions <-70 dBc EU ETS300384
• SWR Protected any condition EU ETS300384
• RF O/P Connector SO239/UHF Teflon or N type
• Wideband 87.5 to 108 MHz at 200W min.
• Physical Dimensions 2U 300 x 483 x 89 mm
• Input VSWR < 1.3 form 87.5 to 108 MHz
• Input AC 90 to 260 Volts 50/60Hz
• Built in Forward and Ref. Power Meter

The circuit design is over engineered using a 150W MRF151 device, this ensures extremely reliable safe operating levels for the power amp. Careful design of the RF output stage matching provides very efficient DC to RF conversion allowing the amp to run very cool in the worlds hottest climates 24 hours a day, every day, every year.